Thursday, 27 November 2008

Update lol

Ok i haven't been psping for a bit i have lost my Mojo and with real life at the moment i haven't found time as yet but will get back into it when work slows down lol and i dnt have to do long hours anyway some good news lol the wonderful Yvette has got my new tut site up and has done an awesome job Thank you hun especially with real life issues it means alot what you have done also big thank you to my friend Raeven otherwise i wouldn't be here or even got this far lol i still have so much to learn and my last thank you lol is to Deb she does so much in our forum and has done an awesome job well done mwauh xx
The Link to our Forum and all welcome lol is on the right margin Simply Wicked Designz
Here's Link to my new Tutsite